shambolic no-no's..

Today we are focussing on footwear for boys. It has been an extraordinary day full of shoe blunders from the males. It is not hard to slip yourself into an acceptable part of trainers or at a push some brogues but oh no these culprits could not be further away from the mark. Shoes are extremely important  to judge whether a man is attractive and a tacky trainer or a preposterous plimsoll can be the ultimate turn-off. Shock and amusement were rife when these faux pas’ were spotted and I hope this post encourages you to help your male friends stamp out their cardinal shoe sins.


put it away luv 2

an awful purchase. what would your mother say?!

put it away luv 1

just a ghastly sight

May i begin with a moan to explain the origins of this blog. I pity girls who think that by showing that extra bit of flesh, they will look even hotter and may secure a cheeky snog. Let me tell you now, that you are very much mistaken. This blog is not meant to cause offence but to warn you ladies to think twice before buying a pair of shorts too small or rolling up your skirt one more time. IT JUST LOOKS DIABOLICAL. 

University life has its pressures on girls. Boys are very critical and some girls can be desperate for male attention. However this is no excuse for such fashion crimes. Just a reminder: extra flesh is not the way forward. These photos are taken from nights out in Nottingham to give you lovely readers a sense of when i just want to tell the poor girl to ‘put it away luv’. 

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